Our commitments

For the sustainability of the sector

To best meet the commitments we have set, in 2012 we started Rainforest Alliance certification process. In 2013, we received certification, thus validating our integration with the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)..


In Madagascar, agriculture is the main source of income for a large part of the population. This activity is highly dependent on its environment. It is now threatened by the behavior of those people who have not yet realized this interdependence.

First, it is this recognition that we wanted to develop among farmers with whom we work, a consciousness that materializes in our areas of production by planning and implementing short, medium and long term actions in favor of the environment and living conditions.

Obtaining label Rainforest Alliance certification means our business meets the criteria set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network, integrating the ten principles:.

  • 1. A system of social and environmental management
  • 2. Ecosystem conservation
  • 3. The protection of the wildlife
  • 4. Conservation of water resources
  • 5. Fair treatment and good conditions for workers
  • 6. Health and workplace safety
  • 7. Community relations
  • 8. Integrated crop management
  • 9. Soil conservation
  • 10. Integrated waste management