The green triangle

Madagascar, an island paradise that emerges in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, is known to be the leading global provider of what this precious spice vanilla. But it does not grow n anywhere. These requirements are many and only the famous green triangle whose three points are Vohémar north, west and Andapa Antalaha South, is capable of providing weather and rich soil ideal for the growth of this majestic orchid.


Located in the heart of the SAVA, the region north-east coast of Madagascar, rich land of spices, our company is located in the town of Antalaha. It is in the district of Lower Town, near the port, lies our offices and our main unit preparation vanilla.Three buildings arranged and equipped accordingly reserved to the preparation of our vanilla conventional, organic, and fair trade

A second unit, located in Maherfody, a bit south of the city, and enjoying a large paved terrace is used for sorting and drying of green vanilla. Within this unit is also something, cunique to Madagascar, our «bio shadehouse»Intensive planting of vanilla,all existing varieties in the world (planifolia, tahitensis, pompona, ...) are identified and cultivated as conservative, experimental and passion of its owner.

For decades,we also used to develop and maintain concessions by growing vanilla. The four corners of the region even more remote lands, vanilla plantations persist through our work, respect and love for this land of Madagascar, this region, the culture of its products and the men who work.