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The work of vanilla is a long and painstaking process. Make the most of this exceptional product requires constant monitoring, strict and daily handling of each pod throughout this delicate process called "preparation" and justifying alone, the market value of vanilla.Combine patience, rigor and expertise is here, our trademark

o show the characteristic odor of vanilla, they must undergo treatment to release vanillin. The transformation of these fruits until perfectly odorless, soft spice and a pleasantly scented requires careful preparation and methodical principles which here :

The preparation starts with a sudden shock (scalding) that aims to « kill » the vanilla pod. What follows is therefore a series of processing operations, drying and sorting that lasts nearly eight months before reaching the vanilla marketable and ready for export.

Preparing hot water is to promote the formation of perfumes, cloves give a good appearance to avoid dehiscence and enable them to keep well.

Step 1 - Scalding : pods are immersed in a bath at 60-70 ° C for about 3 minutes, in wicker baskets.

Step 2 - Steaming : placed pods in woolen blankets in large boxes for nearly 13 hours. This is where, kept warm, they lose water and acquires their beautiful black.

Step 3 - drying : for 2 to 6 weeks, we dry the pods in the sun. How dried will affect their quality. For a better quality then you must let them dry in the shade one month on so-called « claies ».

Step 4 - sorting : This is to remove the cloves of lower quality that could « bleed » on the rest of the production. These pods moisture content and lower vanillin content, are used in industry for the extraction of market.

Step 5 - refining : The pods are placed in wooden trunks dressed with parchment paper. It is during this stage that the pods develop their flavor. It regularly monitors the pods to remove any moldy beans, and avoid contamination. The refinement is done for about 6 months.

Step 6 - classification / measurement : pods are sorted by quality and size. Plus a pod is long, black and fleshy, the more it has value.

Tall these steps require organization pointed, thoughtful and a great capacity for adaptation, shops and ordered large and large sunny terraces large enough to dry large quantities of vanilla. Our experience and infrastructure we provide the ingredients for production and quality dense.