Our business

Packaging and export

Step 7 - packaging : pods are then packed into cartons bunched Vanilla same length and the same quality. The food packaging bag airtight preserves pods drying out and loss of aroma.

Pods ready for sale are those which are sufficiently dry and still flexible, those guarantee the best flavor. In the end, it took 1 kilogram of green vanilla for 200 grams of dry vanilla and 19 months from the time of fertilization of the flower and the sale of fruit. If this process requires a long and careful skilled labor, irreplaceable by machines, and explains in part a high export prices.

Step 8: Export :
And export logistics is a key point of our business. To meet all the needs and requirements of our customers have learned to master our supply chain, our convoy of goods by truck to the FOB delivery on ship bound for the International.

Our utilities provide logistics and convoy commodity markets vanilla to our stores. Our trucks ensure the evacuation of our vanilla conditioned to the airports in the region to send our goods by air freight to the ports to ship on FOB delivery.
Tradition vanilla. Often when vanilla is transported by boat from the port of Antalaha than Tamatava for transhipment containers departing to the international vanilla is stowed in the hold of dhows, boats typical Antalaha who is known the shipyard of the tow.

Our expertise in organizational logistics transportation of goods and export also allows us to ensure throughout the production process traceability of organic vanilla and fair trade, a major challenge of these steps.