Our Business


Our own culture is not enough to ensure production quantity. That is why we strive at every campaign to be organized, available and present on auction sites, even the most remote, to have the best offers and the best qualities of vanilla.

Each year, the campaign is organized vanilla green around the months of June and July markets « tsena » green collection which mainly takes place in the heads of villages bush, or planters together to present their production. We participate in these markets to collect the best available green vanilla in order to get the best beans prepared. Collection is preferably to ensure quality prepared vanilla, vanillas picked ripe green, unsplit and long.

We also work for many years and with collectors and processors privileged, the best in their respective fields, with whom we have forged strong relationships based on trust and professionalism.

Our fundraising campaigns« bulk » (vanilla whose preparation is more or less advanced) are organized and our preparers from October and those to March.