Our Commitment

An approach to sustainable development

Carrier in our region a social , supportive and responsible eco responsibility , we work for the sustainable development of the activity of vanilla growers , their families and their communities.

As part of this approach we specialize in certified organic vanilla and outcome of Fair Trade.

With these objectives we are led to the creation in 2007 of a cooperative of growers of vanilla, l’association Tsiry Andampin’ ny Fosa, certified in the production of organic vanilla and from fair trade . We work with the association on a sustained basis and export production under these labels. We guarantee a vanilla produced and harvested in compliance with environmental standards, without pesticides and without negative impact on the eco system while conducting an activity promoting the economic development of small vanilla growers and improving their living conditions in terms social and environmental.

Our quality is declining and even within fields vanilla small producers, where we have control actions , monitoring, information and awareness in search of vanilla production quality constantly improving and working to the sustainability of the activity.

We are parallel and in addition to our professional activity active in the associative field presiding Help Mada association that supports vanilla growers in the region by economic , social and environmental actions. This association was founded in 2010 is already causing many activities in the region, including the construction of two clinics in the outskirts of Antalaha Andapa , donating tens of tons of rice for the children enrolled in bush schools and reforestation of several hundred acres of pristine areas rendered by bush fires.